“Garbage in, garbage out,” a term originally coined in the technology industry, applies to your brain and body as well.  Both can can only function as good as what goes in them.

Despite making up only two percent of the body’s weight, your brain is an energy hog gobbling up more than twenty percent of daily energy intake. Because of this, the foods you consume (and don’t consume) greatly affect your brain’s functioning, including everything from learning to memory to emotions.

Your gut has a “second brain,” called the enteric nervous system, made up of sheaths of neurons embedded in the walls of the intestines, which play a key role in your physical and mental health.  Studies suggest the quality of the foods you consume over your lifetime affects the structure and function of your brain.

Your brain needs the right nutrients to function optimally.  A brain healthy diet based on plant-fed animal protein, good fats, and lots of organic, leafy greens, and a rainbow of other veggies and fruits is a good start to giving your brain the nourishment it needs.

However for many reasons, it can be difficult to get the needed vitamins and minerals from our daily diets. Although I eat very healthy, I just don’t consume enough food in a day to give my brain and body all the good stuff they need.  Children who turn up their noses at vegetables and older adults with diminished appetites also have a hard time fulfilling nutritional requirements. As if it wasn’t challenging enough already, the nutrient value of produce has declined over the years as crops have been engineered for higher yields.

For these reasons and to aid in my healing from a brain injury, I began taking dietary supplements years ago.  I know that they helped my brain recover faster and further, and I can still tell a difference when I skip them.

Recently, I discovered a shake-on nutritional supplement made from organic vegetables, ENOF, which I love and want to tell you about.  ENOF makes it easy to add vitamin power to my and my teenage sons’ diets. (Shhh! Don’t tell them!) And what’s even better is that the company was co-founded by my yoga buddy and donates a percentage of their profits to charitable organizations providing nutrition to populations in need.

Unlike synthetic vitamins, ENOF comes from real food: spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets and shiitake mushrooms, making it easily processed and absorbed by the digestive system (your gut brain, remember?)  It’s also important to note that ENOF doesn’t have any yucky stuff or known neurotoxins found in many vitamins like GMO’s, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, gluten, or aspartame.

Virtually undetectable, ENOF can be sprinkled on prepared food, in drink, or in whatever’s cooking imparting almost no flavor.  In addition to supplying 60% of the daily vitamins your body needs, one serving, just three shakes, of ENOF supports your brain health as follows:

  • Vitamin A is essential to a developing nervous system and for brain function throughout life.  Research has established a link between vitamin A and learning ability.
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant aiding in the removal of toxins and wastes from brain cells which may help prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and is essential to neurotransmitter production.  Supplementation with vitamin C has been shown to improve IQ, memory, and other mental functions.
  • Vitamin D affects your ability to think, concentrate, and problem-solve, is essential for normal brain development, and may help prevent disorders of the brain.  Lower vitamin D blood levels are linked to a higher risk of cognitive impairment.
  • Vitamin E is another essential antioxidant which protects cell membranes from oxidative damage and neurodegeneration.
  • Vitamin K, which has been known for its role in blood clotting, is showing evidence of being important to the nervous system.  Vitamin K is an essential ingredient in making brain cell membranes and its role in sphingolipid metabolism gets really complicated.  (Read more here.)  Let’s just say it’s good for your brain, and low levels have been associated with diminished cognition.
  • Vitamin B6 is vital for brain function and has anti-inflammatory effects.  B6 is required to make the myelin sheath insulating nerves and numerous neurotransmitters regulating mood and behavior.  While the link is not entirely understood yet, low levels of B6 are connected to depression, poor cognition and memory, and associated with higher risks of senility and Alzheimer’s.
  • Thiamin, vitamin B1, plays a key role in the maintenance of the brain health and aids some neurotransmitters and brain enzymes in functioning properly.  A thiamin deficiency can lead to decreased brain function and neuron loss.
  • Folic acid, vitamin B9, is crucial for proper brain function, plays an important role in mental and emotional health, and is often found to be deficient in older populations. Supplementation of folic acid has been shown to increase processing speed and memory.

The bottom line is that you literally are what you eat, and your brain functions best when you feed it what it needs.   ENOF makes it easy. Click here for more information about ENOF.  Use the code “Bestbrain20” for a 20% discount.


  1. Kathy Matay Reply

    Hi Debbie,

    Our middle son is an extremely finicky, picky eater. I would love to try a sample of ENOF. I went to the website to order a sample and it seems the smallest available option is almost $40 … I wonder if you have a coupon code we could use at checkout. My guy also happens to be a “Super Taster” (more taste buds per square inch) and so will likely detect even the subtlest of taste variance on his pizza, hot dogs and chicken nuggets (His three … count’em three ‘food groups’)

    BTW, love your blog. Thanks!!

    Kathy Matay
    Great Falls, VA

    • Kathy,

      I’ll bring the issue to my friend’s attention and see what we can come up with. Get back to you soon. Thanks for your interest and the kind words about my blog!

      Sounds like you have some challenges with getting anything nutritional down your super taster’s throat! Good luck and trust me, it does get better as they get older! Hang in there, and I applaud your persistence. (But they will always love pizza!) 😉

    • Kathy, thank you for asking the question. They had already provided me with a discount code. I forgot. (Damn brain injury!) Enter the code Bestbrain20 at checkout for a 20% discount.

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