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  1. I’ve often used the technique of squeezing the area between my thumb and forefinger and it truly works! While any kind of massage can be helpful, this one is easy to do at any time.

    My kids absolutely love dried mango. Looks like they’ve been onto something that we weren’t even aware of. Guess I need to join them!

  2. I love mangos and they’re in abundant supply where I live. That one will be easy for me. But all of these look relatively easy and will be great additions to my stress reduction kit!!!! Thank you, Debbie.

  3. I’ve used a few of these Debbie…but never knew about the spices…that could explain why I sometimes get cravings for Indian food!

  4. I love these ideas. Taking a technology break is always helpful for me. I can tell when it’s time to take some time to get away from the screens. Thanks, Debbie.

  5. I love your de stressing tips here Debbie. I take a weekly tech break or else i can’t function. And by default since we have Indian food, spices are already perfect 🙂 But the citrus tip is the only one I haven’t heard of before. Will give it a try.

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