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shutterstock_85544854The Best Brain Advice From The Brain Experts

I recently asked a group of some of the most knowledgeable leaders in the brain fitness movement – I mean these guys are at the forefront of educating us on brain health and using our brains to achieve wellness and happiness – what their #1 advice would be to someone about taking care of their bain.

You might expect their answers would include serious diet modifications, major lifestyle changes, or a rigorous mental exercise program, eh?  But no.  I think their responses will surprise you because every single one is something you can easily do today, on your own, without making drastic changes, or spending money.  read more


What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger


That quote is attributed to the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche.  Actually, he said it much more eloquently: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”  It turns out that he was right.

Studies have shown that some trauma survivors report positive changes and enhanced personal development, called post traumatic growth (PTG).  PTG refers to any beneficial change resulting from a major life crisis or traumatic event, but people most commonly experience a positive shift by having a renewed appreciation for life; adopting a new world view with new possibilities for themselves; feeling more personal strength; feeling more satisfied spiritually, and/or their relationships improve.  read more


158618832_ded5988507_zWhat’s The Difference Between The Mind And Brain 

We all know what our brain is, right? It is that three pounds of “convoluted mass of gray and white matter” in our heads “serving to control and coordinate mental and physical actions.”

OK.  Now, define the mind. Not as easy, eh?! You may be surprised to find that there is no single, agreed upon definition of the mind.  The psychiatric, mental health and medical professions each have their own functional definitions.  Equally surprising to me is that, by default, a healthy mind is generally thought of as one with the absence of any symptoms of mental illness.  Really?  I would hope it can get better than that. read more


14210299167_b437588882_mTrying To Make Everybody Happy But Yourself

Being a people pleaser of the worst kind, I used to try to make others happy and dodge their displeasure at the cost of my own happiness.  With this mentality, I created a world in which I placed my well-being in the hands of others for them to crumple like a piece of paper.

The flip side of people pleasing is resentment and hostility.  Even if people did respond graciously to my efforts, I couldn’t allow myself to genuinely receive their kindness and, instead, stockpiled animosity.  Because I didn’t like myself, I was numb to most consideration that did come my way.  Compliments slid off of me like a Teflon frying pan.  read more    image source:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/113217472@N02/


5245470532_7751f61af6Free Yourself From Mental Slavery

It is possible to break free, think clearly, and go beyond the mental slavery of your mind, but you first have to realize how it controls your outlook, speech, and behaviors.

Your progress toward a mind that truly serves your highest purpose will always depend on your willingness to observe yourself.  When you do that, you’ll start to see where you are giving your freedom away in bits and pieces to this or that momentary master.  read more


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