To Get Different Results, You Have To Do Something DifferentChange.  It’s really the only constant guaranteed in life. Yet, very few of us like it or deal with it well much less embrace or welcome it.

Everything changes but change itself.”

John F. Kennedy

Boy, I sure didn’t handle change well at all or like it, and it was to be avoided at all costs.  I would stay in my comfort zone – even if it meant being miserable – rather than make needed life changes.  At one time, I thought committing suicide was preferable to facing a big transition.

The visual of me hanging on to something for dear life, engaging in a tug-o-war with the must-have it being ripped out of my hands comes to mind to portray my old attitude towards change.  That or me running as if I was being chased by a bear.  What I realize now is that, sooner or later, the bear is always gonna catch up.  I used to wear myself out running away and trying to figure out clever maneuvers to avoid the dreaded change.

Now, I put that same energy to work for me instead. The first step in the process of embracing change for me is accepting “what is”  and becoming aware of and letting go of any resistance I have to it, which may take days and involve tears or cuss words. Once I can say “OK. Now this,'”  I take a big breath and figure out the best way to proceed and how to make the situation play out for my growth and benefit.  Notice I didn’t say “to my preference.” It’s not the same thing.  Not even close.

These days, I don’t have to be forced into change kicking and screaming by some self-made catastrophe.  I’m open to change and even seek it out with a kind of a bold curiosity.  I now believe that change makes life rich.

Wherever we are, it is but a stage on the way to somewhere else, and whatever we do, however well we do it, it is only a preparation to do something else that shall be different.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

It’s been my observation that usually something comes along that’s even better than what I was trying to hang on to in the first place.  An example of this occurred to me today.  Even though there were many good reasons for me to move to a smaller house, I was very hesitant to relocate because of a lake and park within walking distance of my former home.  The lake had a paved path around it where I ran and walked the dog.  I did a lot of emotional healing around that lake.   The trees, the water, even the geese and turtles all played a part.

When searching for a place to move to, I looked close enough to allow me to continue to have access to it.  Sadly,  I couldn’t find one.  Where I did end up moving, I had to get in the car and drive somewhere to run and walk the dog.  “What a pain!”  I thought, at first.  But, you know what?  I’m discovering all these great parks and running trails nearby.  Just this morning on a trail deep in the woods, I came upon a bamboo forest.  Magical!  I never even knew all these wonderful places existed and would not have if I hadn’t given up my old routine.

In uncertainty lies all possibility. “

That one is by me.


  1. Judy M. Hampton Reply

    Love it! What a marvelous world it would be if we all embraced that attitude. A lot of what is happiness is accepting what is and not trying to change it but letting it change us. At least, it seems so to me. You are a wise woman of whom I’m very proud. Mom

    • Debbie Hampton Reply

      You got it! I like your wise words and agree with them 100%. That is one for the quote books… “Happiness is accepting what is and not trying to change it, but letting it change us.” How did we get so smart? Must be in the genes! 🙂

  2. Hi Debbie. Love it! ‘Impossible is Nothing’ (Adidas). ‘Whether you believe you can or you cannot, you are correct’ (Henry Ford). So I agree absolutely with you; don’t try to row upstream, throw away the oars; go with the flow. Resistance is futile. Far better to put your energy into acceptance and taking action even if it is easier to wallow in self-pity. Oh, and so pleased for you that you found your bamboo forest 😉 Take care, Stephen

    • Debbie Hampton Reply

      Hiya! The same sentiment can be said so many ways. The bottom line is that we all basically have a choice in any situation to consciously direct our thinking and actions and move forward accordingly. Puts the responsibility squarely within our own lap. These little sayings help me remember this and stay pointed in the right direction.

    • Debbie Hampton Reply

      Many thanks! I use the inspirational quotes of others daily to remind myself of open ways to think and to keep me pointed in the right direction. It works!

  3. Hi Debbie ~ I love your example that change literally brought you to a new path. A discovery of something unseen that was right there all along! Beautiful!! Here’s to new discoveries… and happy walking :~D

    • Debbie Hampton Reply

      Sue, so right you are. I never thought of that. What a perfect example of the old metaphor. I did literally have to seek out new paths, and they have been beautifully wonderful. Another time, I went running through one park the morning after a snow….with the sunshine filtering through the ice hanging on the trees…oh, it was just amazing. I am so thankful to have expanded my world in this way.

  4. Ande Waggener Reply

    “In uncertainty lies all possibility.” Beautiful!!! I love your tug-a-war and bear imagery. I’ve been there, done that. Or maybe it’s tug-a-war WITH a bear. 😉 Your story about not wanting to release the lake path is a great example of how letting go of one thing opens up so many new and wonderful things. I had that experience after my first marriage ended. I FOUGHT that change big time but when I finally relaxed, so many wonders came my way, not the least of which is my wonderful hubby, who served me breakfast in bed yesterday for my birthday and made the whole day special. 🙂

    • Debbie Hampton Reply

      Happy Birthday to you! So glad it was a special day. Sounds maaahvelous!

      I think you are right. It was tug of war with as bear….it was a futile struggle. Like you, I have learned that letting go of something opens up room for something better almost always. I find much comfort in knowing that. It makes me welcome change with eager anticipation. I can’t wait to see what is around the bend!

    • Debbie Hampton Reply

      Exactly! Now, I find it exciting and wonderful instead of terrifying. I like this much better.

  5. Suzanne McVicker Reply

    thanks Debbie
    for all your posts and for your “The Best Brain Possible”
    You have helped me more than you could possibly know.
    I look forward to your web site and different articles everyday and you have helped me move forward.


    • Debbie Hampton Reply

      Gee, Suzanne, thanks so much. That is nice to hear. I only relay my experiences and lessons and hope that it may help someone and save then from having to learn on their own the hard way! 🙂

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