Beat Depression And Anxiety

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beat-depressionThe key to overcoming depression and anxiety and to stop living a numb, fear-based existence is in your head. Literally. By taking control of your mind and thoughts and adopting brain healthy habits, you can harness the superpower you were born with, your brain’s proven ability to change itself, neuroplasticity, to optimize operation, change negative thinking patterns, and actually alter the chemical balance and physical form and function of your brain so that happy and healthy become your default.

I know. I did it.

– but only after a decade of depression ending in a suicide attempt that left me with a seriously compromised brain. In healing my brain, I healed my life. You can do it too.

I’ll tell you, in plain English backed by science, how you can improve your brain and life through simple practices:

  • diet and exercise
  • mindfulness and meditation
  • responding rather than reacting
  • gratitude and forgiveness
  • making friends with fear
  • visualization, thought reframing, and more.

Praise for the book….

 This book is a wonderful source of insight and understanding from someone who knows firsthand the transformative powers of the brain’s plasticity.”

Dr. Michael Merzenich, world authority on brain plasticity and author of Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life.

Debbie Hampton gives a behind the scenes look at the workings of the mind and brain, and draws from some of the leading scientists and teachers of our time. But more than that, she weaves her own powerful story of recovery from brain injury into each chapter. She provides a refreshing and personal look into mindfulness, neuroplasticity and recovery from someone who has travelled the journey. A remarkable book that is beautifully written, compassionate and wise.

Dr. Sarah McKay, neuroscientist, writer, and founder of Your Brain Health.

Read a sample chapter of Beat Depression And Anxiety…

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Also check out Debbie’s intimately honest, witty, and wise memoir Sex, Suicide, and Serotonin.

“A true story of triumph over mental illness and depression, Debbie bares her soul and shares all the dirty details. What appears to be a charmed life that most people would envy was, in reality, a driving force to an almost fatal suicide attempt. Debbie recovers from this life-changing low and shares her wisdom, strength, and hope with us.” — Angie


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