The Most Popular Best Brain Posts of 2017These are the most popular posts of the past year. May you and your brain make it a great year!

The Neuroscience of Changing Your Behavior

The Neuroscience of Changing Your Behavior

Your life literally shapes your brain. The more often you perform an action or behave a certain way, the more it gets physically wired into your brain. This amazing adaptive quality of your brain is known as neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity can work both for and against you. Changing your behavior isn’t easy, but it can be done, and your brain can help you in the effort. Here’s the science behind doing that in your brain. Read more


The One Sure Way to Stop Anxious, Depressing Thoughts

The One Sure Way to Stop Anxious, Depressing ThoughtsWe’ve all been told at one time or another – probably far too often – “Just let it go.” I’m sure the person offering this well-meaning sentiment intended to help. However, “Let it go” is bad advice – and almost impossible to do – when it comes to those pesky recurring painful or negative thoughts. This is one sure method, according to science, to stop the negative thought loop. Your mind can’t do this and ruminate at the same time. Read more


Two Primary Ways to Drive Brain Neuroplasticity

Two Primary Ways to Drive Brain NeuroplasticityEvery second of every day you are changing your brain. Neurons that fire together wire together, but neurons that don’t, won’t. You’ve got a “use it or lose it” brain. Information rarely accessed and behaviors seldom practiced cause neural pathways to weaken until connections may be completely lost. It’s just as easy to degrade your brain’s function as it is to improve it, intentionally or unintentionally. There are two primary ways to harness neuroplasticity and put it to work for you. Read more


How To Banish Negativity With This Simple Mind Tool

How To Banish Negativity With This Simple Mind ToolYour brain has a natural negativity bias which means it constantly looks for, learns from, and holds onto anything it considers a danger or loss with much more gusto than something neutral or pleasant. Your brain has a good reason for its natural negativity. Your ancestors were more likely to live long enough to pass on their genes by remembering where they were chased by a predator than a prime napping spot. You can counter your brain’s natural negativity bias by making it a point to notice the good. Read more


How To Declutter Your Mind

How To Declutter Your MindYour mind has a mind of its own and races around at one hundred miles an hour jumping from one thing to the next. Sometimes, the random thoughts that pop into your head are amusing. Sometimes, they send you straight into the panic zone. Most of the time, they’re of the negative and not-very-nice-to-me variety. Here are four ways to help calm your mind down. Read more



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  1. I want to revisit all these posts. Your writing and the information you provide is so invaluable, Debbie. Thank you for all the ways you empower people to take charge of their lives and in so doing find more contentment, happiness, and success. Wishing you the best in 2018.

  2. These articles were great, Debbie. I will reread them again as well. The information you share is valuable and I’ve learned so much from your articles. I look forward to reading more next year. Have a great 2018. Thank you for all that you are doing to help others.

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