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  1. Debbie Sandersfeld Reply

    This is so true, used but read it here is a reminder to keep the process going. I joy reading your postings. Glad to see a new one.

  2. Fascinating, Debbie. This stood out for me: “In addition to being crucial to memory, the hippocampus calms down your amygdala and tells the hypothalamus to quit producing stress hormones. So, over time, a self-perpetuating cycle of stress gets established in your brain with your amygdala becoming progressively more active and sensitive. This leaves you feeling like the pinball.” No wonder why I have memory problems and it feels like I’m in a self-defeating loop. Thanks for these tools.

    • I love his work too, Mike. You will like the next post I’m working on. It is based on his work. 🙂

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